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Base Layer

The bottom-most layer of the layering system, the Base Layer is very important. Lightweight wool or synthetic top to help wick away moisture and keep you warm.

Men's Recommendation

Women's Recommendations


Soft Shell Pants

This layer is an absolutely essential piece to any kit. Typically abrasion, tear, and water resistant, this layer is perfect for trekking, climbing, and mountaineering. This pant can be used in combination with a hard shell layer on colder or wet days. 

Men's Recommendations

Women's Recommendation

Hard Shell Pants

Heavy duty, uninsulated, waterproof shell - used in conjunction with warmer layers underneath, this is the ultimate way to stay warm and dry on stormy days. We recommend a pair that has full side zippers, in order to facilitate easily taking them off while utilizing crampons. 

Men's Recommendation

Women's Recommendations

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