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4 Hikers with their backs facing the camera, walking through a brown alpine tundra, with an impressive snow capped ridge in front of them.



David Garcia was my guide for Chimborazo, Cotopaxi, Iliniza Norte, and Rucu Pichincha. I had a successful climb on of each of them and I can’t say enough good things about David as a guide.


David is professional, knowledgeable, patient, thoughtful and so much fun to be around. I learned a lot from him and always felt like I was in good, safe hands. I highly recommend David as a guide for your next mountain adventures!

A women wearing a red jacket at the summt of chimborazo, holding two signs above her head

Riki Jones

David is a rockstar! He is over the moon professional which maintains safety as his number 1 priority.


Couldn’t find a better and more prepared guide and I’ve climbed the Seven Summits. 100% would use him again.

Three climbers taking a selfie while standing on a snowy hill leading to the summit of a mountain

Mark Pattison - Former NFL Player

David was an incredible guide on a challenging climb up Ranrapalca in Peru.  David is very skilled, is strong, and very passionate in helping me up the climb and then in recovering after. He has a calming and tranquil presence and makes great decisions. 


I highly recommend climbing with my good friend David!

Two ice climbers on a steep icy slope, attached using ice axes and ropes. This is a selfie photo.

Zach Gonzalez

David is THE BEST.


I reached out to him with hopes of climbing Cotopaxi and Chimborazo with some climbing friends, and within days we had a detailed plan we all felt good about. David is thorough, responsive, highly experienced, a great English speaker and best of all he's so fun and positive on the mountain. With David's help, we successfully acclimatized with a climb up Illiniza Norte, and made both the Cotopaxi and Chimborazo summits. He also helped us secure rental equipment, as well as other great guides to accompany our group up to the summits.


I definitely plan on climbing with him again on other peaks around the world, and if you're looking for an all-in-one 10/10 guide, David is it!

A photo of two climbers on a rope team, with a very impressive icy mountain slope below them

Max Ferguson

I was extremely fortunate to have David as my guide for climbing Cayambe in Ecuador. Simply, he is the best guide I have ever had anywhere in the world for anything, including rock climbing, trekking, and mountaineering.

David is very professional and knowledgeable about all things climbing and speaks good English. He helped me acclimatize to safely and successfully ascend Cayambe through a gradual progression. I was impressed with his plan for acclimatizing and building up for the big climb, starting with rock climbing the first day, and gradually hiking higher each day, while sleeping at varied elevations to ensure proper recovery and acclimatization. His knowledge of glacier and snow travel was also important and something I have used many times since his “glacier school” on Cayambe.

Most importantly, David truly cares about his clients, their safety, and their goals. He and I have remained in contact since my visit to Ecuador in January 2023 and he has continued to mentor me and provide advice for my mountaineering career, helping me train properly to ascend Mount Kilimanjaro and the Batian Peak of Mount Kenya, and more mountains to come in the

I give David my highest recommendation. There is no better guide out there.

A climber standing on the summit of Cayambe holding his hands above his head in a triumphant manner, with a nice blue alpenglow sunrise behind him

Andy Schlichting

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