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A man stands with his back to the camera, holding his arms above his head in a triumphant manner, with a snowcapped mountain in the back


We value our partners & think they're super rad. Check them out!

Dip Your Trip is an exceptional designer of travel experiences in Chile and the Patagonia region. We stand out for offering unique and personalized adventures that allow travelers to immerse themselves in the stunning nature and rich culture of these destinations. Our passion for providing unforgettable moments drives every detail of our excursions, from thrilling outdoor activities to authentic culinary encounters. With Dip Your Trip, every journey becomes unique as we love our travelers to dip their own trip and unforgettable voyage of discovery and connection.
Petzl Ecuador offers a wide range of specialized sports equipment designed for climbing, caving, mountaineering, and various outdoor adventures. The store features innovative and high-quality gear including helmets, harnesses, lights, and climbing accessories to ensure safety and enhance the experience of outdoor enthusiasts. With a focus on reliability and durability, Petzl's products cater to both beginners and professional athletes, aiming to support their passion for exploration and adventure sports.  Additionally, Petzl Ecuador stands out for its commitment to sustainability and safety in extreme sports, embodying a blend of technology, comfort, and performance.
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